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In 1998, Tan Uc Viet Production Trading Joint Stock Company (TUV) was established in Vietnam with the initial goal of specializing in the distribution of high quality products such as raw materials for the dairy industry and ingredients for beer to other countries. domestic manufacturing company. Currently, TUV is still the largest supplier of barley in Vietnam.
The aspect of the research and the product development are not only our dedication, but it also base on the understanding the nutritional needs of Vietnamese consumer and a vision of the future product in the market.
This policy is applied when the user accesses the website, ie the user agrees to the terms that Arti milk stipulates in this Policy (including additions and modifications from time to time ).
Products after order processing will be delivered directly to customers through Viettel's delivery system.
Shipping policies desire to bring customers convenience and cost savings when customers buy Arti-branded products directly from manufacturers.
For the purpose of ensuring the interests of customers when buying Arti products, we apply the exchange policy when the consumer buys the product as follows:
Customer reponsibility to comply with the laws and regulations regarding to the company when accessand/or use any accomodation from
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