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For the purpose of ensuring the interests of customers when buying Arti products, we apply the exchange policy when the consumer buys the product as follows:

Product exchange regulations

Customers exchange new products of the same type when the products sent are defective in manufacturer specifications but must comply with the following conditions:

• Time to use the product not more than 03 days (from the date of receipt).

• Product packaging is not scratched, cracked, wet or contaminated with chemicals.

In case the above conditions are not met, the right to decide on the exchange belongs to Arti Milk.

Products cannot be exchanged in the following cases:

• Customers want to change types and models of purchased products.

• Products are scratched, peeled, cracked, wet, sticky chemicals ...

• The customer does not use the product in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations.

• Customers have checked and signed to receive the status of goods but there is no response after 03 days from the time of signing and receiving the goods.


• The process of exchanging or returning goods is done within two (02) weeks from the date of receiving sufficient information from the customer.

• The exchange will be done in accordance with the manufacturer's regulations


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