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1. Purpose

Stipulating policies on the transportation and delivery of Arti products with the desire to bring customers convenience and cost savings when customers buy Arti-branded products directly from manufacturers.

2. Scope of application

All customers buy Arti brand products nationwide.

3. Shipping cost

Customers who buy products directly from the manufacturer will be charged with shipping costs as follows:

- FREE  shipping across provinces in Vietnam.

4. Content delivery

Delivery time:

- Within 48 hours for delivery within the districts of Ho Chi Minh City.

- Within 3 - 7 days for customers in the provinces from the date of order confirmation.

- For some districts and communes with extremely difficult facilities, the delivery and receipt time does not exceed 14 days.

5. Some other regulations

• When buying goods, please fill in the required information fully and accurately to facilitate the transaction.

• In some cases: the delivery address is not clear, in the alley / alley where it is difficult to find the address or the area can lead to danger, the customer needs to provide some intermediate locations such as communal post District.

• Please check the goods carefully when receiving the goods from the delivery staff, if there is any damage, scratches, breakage, deformation, wrong goods ... after delivery, Arti Milk does not responsible


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